Friday, October 12, 2007

Galleries Up!!

Horay, the Galleries are up!
They are organized by year. Right now, the earliest is 2006 but they wil be updated and added to every so often.
Click on a year, then launch gallery, you can then click on any piece to blow it up.
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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Splotch

"Stamping on Squares" by Tadeuzs Toro

Thursday and Friday am:
Also experimented with printing by trying some simple stamping techniques. They used patterned rollers, stamps with textures, textured sensi-balls, corrugated cardboard and sponge stamps, over collaged colored squares.

"Collograph Print" by Ella Daisy Lusty

Tuesday pm :
This week the tuesday afternoon class was in a printing frenzy. Thanks parents for helping out! They rolled out their collographs with tempera and printed on various types of paper. The lighter weight papers actually worked better because they were more flexible going over all the different levels of material. The process was a challenge for some students. As familiar as I am with most of the students in this class, I observed a major advance in their development from when we did this project last winter.

"Erasure Portrait" by Vivienne Rioux-Bailey

Friday PM:
Class started with portraits from life of their friends. Using charcoal, they filled in the head neck and shoulder shapes, then used kneeded erasers to to create lighter areas to indicate the features of the face. They are continuing their study of observational drawing. All of the drawing exercises they are doing are getting them used to looking and recording which will help them in their larger project, the self portrait in tempera. This week they added hair and an indication of clothes. This project is being worked on in small parts so that they practice control. It is exciting to see the results of working slowly and with intention.

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Monday, October 1, 2007

The gallery is coming soon right now the link is empty, please be patient.
Thanks so much to Freddy for building this site!

The Splotch

"Transparency Collage" by Lusya

Friday PM:
After 2 weeks of drawing and layering colored tissue paper with clear glue The Friday girls had a critique on their transparency collages. They discovered that over layering especially with dark colors decreased transparency. The collages turned out quite beautiful.

They worked on drawing a still life in charcoal. They observed objects and broke them down into simple shapes. They also discovered that charcoal is smudgy and messy!

They are currently working on their self portraits. They painted backgrounds and this week worked on drawing their shapes from looking in the mirror, and mixed skin tones.
They discovered that they were all made of the same colors in different proportions.

"Collograph" by Story

Thursday pm and Wednesday pm:
Class started with some free drawing in metallic crayon and colored chalk. These drawings will be used as a layer of texture on which they will print their collographs.

They made collographs on boards with various materials that will produce interesting textures when they print next week. For the wednesday class, this project was a further exploration of the texture collages that they made the week before.

FYI: A collograph is a a collaged board where different materials are assembled to form a relief with different surface levels and textures. After they dried, they can be inked and printed.

"Paperbag Painting" by Margaret

Thursday and Friday am:
Both classes worked with finger paint this week on gessoed brown bags (a classic UCS project). They used different tools for applying paint and mark making such as scrapers, forks, combs, sticks, sponges. Lucy discovered that the shaving brush makes a great sea anemone print. Circles were introduced as a collage element.

Thanks everyone for a great first few week. Stay tuned for further updates.
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Sunday, September 30, 2007


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